Human Resources Officers

The human resources role has gained prominence as a critical business function because of its capacity to align talent with organizational objectives. Accordingly, the human resources executive must possess a broad base of skills and knowledge in order to advise top management on issues ranging from outsourcing, organizational development, and corporate learning, to change management and diversity.

As pioneers in Executive Leadership Solutions™, NGS Global consultants are uniquely-qualified to leverage first-hand knowledge of the human resources function when advising clients, while tapping into a broad network of candidates with deep expertise. Areas of focus include:

  • Change Management
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Corporate Learning
  • Diversity
  • Executive and Leadership Development
  • Organizational Design

What makes our team unique is the quality of their insights and execution, their ability to access the best talent, and the breadth of complementary support they provide to ensure that placements and organizations are successful together. Learn more about our multi-disciplinary executive development services.